"Write" Back Into The Thick of Things

The writing career may be shimmering back to life. An editor at a small press contacted me last month about authoring a niche cookbook. (Keep your comments to yourself—I don’t have to come up with the recipes myself which is a shame because I could so do a cookbook around “50 New and Inventive Ways To Make A Meal Out of Almond Butter.” ) Details on that project soon to follow.

In addition, I’ve been working with a close friend on dialogue for an exciting project revolving around  a supernatural drama based in Romania during the dark ages. SAMCA is a tale rooted in folklore with themes of betrayal, tragedy and heroism. The trailer is being turned into a short film with the hopes of being picked up. I’ve not previously worked in screenplays and I’m having more fun than expected working in that medium. Watch the original trailer here.

I’ve also got a couple of new book ideas. Nothing solid, but the ideas are there, percolating.

I was concerned that having a career that required I spend the bulk of my day writing would “kill” the creative juices. And some days, it does. But I’m finding for the most part that the confidence that comes from turning around a video script or commercial copy or blog post for a client on short notice and a tight deadline is bringing confidence to other areas of my writing life.