Ego Boost

I went to packet pick-up yesterday for the half-marathon race on Sunday. The store had two greeters standing outside with PCs. As I walked up, one of them--a woman in her mid 50's--exclaimed, "Dena!" 

I looked at her and didn't recognize her. As I started to say hi, she said, "You're Dena Harris!" 

"I'm so sorry, tell me your name," I said. 

"Oh, we don't know each other," she said. "I just know you from all the races. You're one of the fastest women runners in Greensboro."

I burst out laughing because this is so not true. Yes, I do well for my age group but by no stretch of the imagination would I deserve her description of me. Still.

"You just made my day," I said grinning. "I feel like I should give you money or something." 

Anyway, just one of those small, odd moments in life that leaves you smiling. I never did get her name, but thank you store-greeter lady. You're the best!