The TMI Post

I'm typing this under a medicated Nyquil-haze, which probably explains my willingness to out myself on what may be a semi-icky post, but here goes nothing. 

I was talking to BFF Trisha on Thursday, as I drove toward Cincinnati. We were talking about packing and I mentioned that it's always a relief to visit her because even if I forget something, she'll have it. We're the same shoe size, we use the same hair products, exchange clothes and jewelry, etc. We hung up and I continued driving and about an hour later--for no reason I can discern--a lightbulb went off in my head. I called her back. 

"For the love of God," I said. "I forgot to pack the only two items on the planet I can't borrow from you."

"And that would be....?" she asked. 

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