The Saga of the License Plate

As most of you know, after 20+ years in NC, I’ve recently relocated to Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta. More updates on that later. Right now, I want to share with you the saga of the license plate. It’s a story that more or less sums up my life. What takes other people twenty minutes, takes me 9 weeks, 8 phone calls, 4 DMV visits and a two-week plan to evade the law. 

It all started the week I moved to Georgia. I was checking things off my list right and left (pictures hung in new home -  check. Food in fridge – check. Wall art for half-bathcheck, check, check) and in an effort to be pro-active, toddled off to the DMV to get my GA driver’s license. I showed up prepared for anything – NC driver’s license, passport, pay stub, and invoices from gas, electric and trash removal verifying my new address. I approached the teller window. 

Teller: “Social security card.” 

Me: “I don’t have that, but here’s my passport.” 

Teller: “I can’t issue you a license without a social security card.” 

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