Halloween 2010: The Escape of the Mummy

The stage: Mummy's treasure, mummy's coffin, and realistic looking pyramid sceneLast year, after our trip to Egypt, we planned a Halloween Mummy theme but got rained out. This year the weather cooperated and the Mummy did his thing. Blair hid inside the sarcophagus as I invited kids to raid the Mummy's treasure (a huge box filled with candy). Blair-as-Mummy then popped out, arms outstretched, moaning, "Caaa-nnn-dy. Giiive meeee myyyyy caaa-nnn-dy." Came close to making a few kids cry in fear. An excellent Halloween. 

The Mummy Escapes!

Chillin' Mummy

A Little More About Egypt

Click to Enlarge Apologies all around for being slow to update my blog. My main website (denaharris.com) and all linked sites (lessonsinstalking.com, kissmykittybutt.com, spotlightpublishing.com) are still being held hostage by Google. I've uploaded clean files to the sites but Google can take weeks to revisit and reindex them as "clean" sites. To prevent this sort of the thing in the future, I'm moving all my sites from Netfirms (no help at ALL, thank you very much) to Squarespace.com, which is where this blog is hosted. I might lose some traffic as the pages are reindexed, but it will be worth it to prevent future blow-outs. The "new" site will look just like my old one and still be at www.denaharris.com, but hopefully hackers won't be able to get in. I'll let everyone know when the moved site is available.

All of which is a long way of saying... I've been busy. Although not, perhaps, as busy as Blair, who has taken it upon himself to label ALL 700+ PHOTOS from Egypt. God bless him... that's a whole lotta computer time. But as he points out, a month from now we're not going to remember what's what, so may as well do it while memory is fresh. Once the labeling is complete (maybe this weekend) we'll post all photos online and let you indulge at will.

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