Does A Runner Pee In the Woods?

I've been told you're not a "real" trail runner until you use the great outdoors as your toilet. I've put off becoming a member of the club for years but today, finally, nature called, and I am now an "official" trail runner. 

As my running partner Dave and I started the Wild Turkey trail this morning at 7, I was already regretting not making a quick pit stop on my way into town. Especially as I was wearing a water belt which pushed on my bladder with every move. Dave had pulled a hamstring the day before, so he started walking around mile one, and I went on. 

"Suck it up, suck it up, suck it up," I told myself with each step. "It's mind over matter. You only THINK you have to pee.

Nope. I really had to. REALLY had to. So I ducked behind a tree and let loose. Frankly, you haven't experienced the meaning of the word "vulnerable" until you lower your pants on the side of a wooded trail and pray a stray jogger or biker doesn't come barrelling past you. 

I will say I enjoyed the second half of my run MUCH more than the first part. 

Did I mention it was 34 degrees out this morning? 

I'm glad to be a legitimate trail runner, but I still prefer a flush and hand soap, thank you very much. 

Merry Christmas. 

What's Missing Here...

Had a FANTASTIC day today. Woke up at 5 and dressed for my trail run. Out the door by 6:15, 7 mile run on Laurel Bluff trail. Drove to Panera where I toweled off and sipped a small coffee while reading the paper for an hour until I met my trainer. Worked out for an hour with him (I fear my arms will be jello tomorrow). Toweled off again and drove back to Panera. Met a friend for coffee and carbo-loaded with a bagel. Drove home, showered, returned two phone calls, petted the cats, ran some errands...

Um. I forgot to work today. 

Okay, that's not entirely true. I FINALLY have the title for my newest cat book and I updated my proposal and marketing overview and sent the final (whoo-hoo!) edits to my agent. Also caught up on e-mails. But real work work? Not so much feeling it today. 

Try again tomorrow.