What's Really Necessary

I woke up this morning with no voice. Tried to say hello to Snowball the cat and a croak came out. I've been battling a sore throat for a week now and thought I was winning but it caught up with me yesterday. Well played, lingering bacterial infection. Well played.

I went to Urgent Care (Them: Who is your primary care physician? Me: You.) this morning only because I leave for my epic 260-mile Run Across Georgia event this Tuesday and a sore throat and lingering cough is NOT in the game plan. She put me on antibiotics so hopefully I'll get everything cleared up before the start gun goes off at 4 AM on Wednesday. 

I was just in my tiny condo kitchen, cleaning up after some cooking when I went to use a soapy paper towel to wipe off the countertops and thought, "Whoops, I can't do that. Granite." Then I remembered...

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Things I've Learned Since Living Alone

It's been almost 4 months in my little rented condo and I've come to a few realizations about myself and how I approach life. Here they are:

  • I'm capable of killing spiders (big ones!) on my own. Who knew?
  • I clean up more after myself when it's just me.
  • Except for the mail bin which will never, ever be under control.
  • I enjoy coming home to an empty house. Well, almost. There is usually a fat cat screeching at me for food.
  • I have very little interest in watching TV except on Tuesday nights. Who's That Girl and The Mindy Project make me happy. 
  • I regret all the years of looking down on people who refused to cook just for themselves. Now that I'm alone, truth be told, I'd happily eat cereal every night if grains were allowed in my diet.
  • I am horrible at realizing I'm about to run out of things and preparing accordingly. Last week saw me make an emergency lunchtime run for dental floss, cat food, aluminum foil, windex and tampons. 
  • Given the choice between writing and reading, I've been veering toward reading. However, the allure of writing is once again beckoning. Thank God. 
  • I am capable of eating an entire 90% dark chocolate bar on my own in one sitting. Okay, fine. Two 90% dark chocolate bars in one sitting. 
  • It took me 3 months before I could balance my checkbook. WTF??
  • While I'm not extravagent, I pay absolutlely no attention to money, coming in or going out. 
  • My hand towel holder fell out of the wall and I've decided I'd rather live with it versus going through the process of trying to fix the gaping hold myself. You call it laziness. I call it "living in the now." 

What? You were expecting life-altering realizations? It's only been 4 months, people. Give me time. 

That realizing I'd have to kill spiders lesson really took it out of me.