The Way To A Man's Heart: Sprouted Bread & Vegan Cheese?

There was a tenseness in the air last night as we sat down to dine. As I spooned food onto our plates, I swallowed against the lump of self-doubt lodged in my throat. Blair eyed his plate suspiciously. It was a do or die moment. 

Let me explain. Years ago we discovered a "Beef Taco Bake" recipe on the side of a Campbell's tomato soup can. With a few adjustments - soy crumbles for beef, whole what tortillas for flour ones, and plain salsa for chunky because Blair was in his "I won't eat anything with chunks in it" stage - the recipe became a staple in our home. Gooey and satisfying, we shoved the tomato-cheesy-floury goodness down our throats at least once a week. It's quite possibly one of Blair's favorite meals.

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