Beaches, showerheads, hotel towels, & mochas

I'm baaaack! Came home a day early. The time away was wonderful and--thanks to the magic of Mary Kay self-tanning lotion--I did come back tan, even though I was in winter gear most days.

I did get one beautiful day yesterday, about 60 degrees, and I took a 2-mile hike on the beach which was lovely beyond words. There were a few die-hard surfers out on their boards (they're nuts...that water was FREEZING) and some families watching their little ones sling sand, but I had most of the beach to myself.

My lodgings were adequate, which was all I expected, so no disappointments there. I did have fun with the showerhead, which had about 8 different settings on it. I must try every setting, but I always come back to just the plain old shower setting. Someone should come up with a personality test based on which shower setting you prefer. Pelting massage? Masochist. Rain shower? Flake. Full blast rocket booster shower-power with simultaneous alternating rain shower enhancements? Seek help.

Lovely showerhead aside, the hotel towels were, however, a disappointment. You could stick me in a room with rats and cockroaches, and as long as you provided me with an ample supply of big, fluffy towels, all would be forgiven.

These however, were the standard threadbare rags, best used for tissues versus drying off. In retaliation, I hoarded the free hotel supplies of shampoo, lotion, and conditioner.

I don't know why I take these things. When I pack them I think, "Great. I'll pack these the next time I travel." But when it comes time to pack for the next trip, I look at the items with a sense of dismay. That's not my conditioner. That's not the lotion I use. So now I just throw them in a decorative basket and set them out for guests.

Got a lot down during my time away. Slammed through about 6 books I'd been meaning to read, and outlined my book on public speaking. I did most of my work while sipping a Cafe Mocha at a nearby Barnes & Nobles, which is completely different than sipping Cafe Mocha at the Barnes & Nobles here in town for reasons I don't yet completely understand. Apparently it was important I drive 4 hours to have this experience.

One final note. I love Cafe Mocha's, but am going to have to cut back because I sound like an idiot every time I order one. To wit, I'm standing in line, and here are what the people in front of me order:
"Tall vanilla latte."
"Medium coffee."

My turn. "Hi, I'd like a tall, no, make that a grande cafe mocha. And I'll need that with skim milk, decaf, no whip cream."

I can feel my face turning red. I mean, really, at that point, how far away am I from asking them to spoon-feed it to me while they're at it? If what you order to drink at a Starbucks is any indication of how high maintainence you are, I am in deep trouble.

More tomorrow.