Happy New Year

I don't think January 1st should count as part of the new year. Here's why.

All of us sit around in the last dregs of December and vow to friends, family, and pets that this is the year we get our act together. We will lose the weight, get organized, ask for those blond highlights, work out every hour on the hour until we lose those 15 lbs, and tighten, tone, and trim every bit of unproductive behavior and negative thinking patterns from our being.

Then we wake up on January 1st.

We wake up after a night of being up way past our bedtimes and stuffing down what we swear is the last sugar-laden high-carb mouthfuls that will pass through our lips for the next 365 days. Now we're supposed to bounce out of bed after a night of revelry and start the new me program.

We're pretty much doomed from the start.

That's why January 1st doesn't count in my book. This morning I slept in, then we polished off the leftover Moravian sugar cake (worth every pound on the hips....soooo good!), then put down the Christmas decorations. I did do some yoga, which is on my list of intentions for the new year, then we ate lunch and now we're getting ready to go hike around our mountain property. I'll start all that "new me" stuff on Monday.

I'm a big fan of starting things on Monday. My husband is one of those people that if he decides he needs to watch what he eats, he sets the bowl of chips aside immediately. Me, I prefer the fresh start of a new day, a new week, a new year. There's something about that fresh start that sings out THIS time, I will win!

Thought I'd share some New Years Goals. Mine are:
  • Don't offer advice unless first asked for it. (There is a good chance this goal only will put me in an early grave. And this blog doesn't count. If you're coming here, it's because you obviously crave my vast wisdom.)

  • Either convince a publisher to publish or self-publish my collection of funny cat stories. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul will be released in October 2005. 5 of my stories have made it to the finals. Only 140 stories make it to the finals out of the thousands of entries received, so I'm pretty pleased. I also think it's a good indication these stories will sell.

  • Publish a book on public speaking. I love teaching my workshops and classes, and the more research I do on this topic, the more excited I am. Still considering several different ways to niche the book, but I think I'll have an e-book out by years end.

  • Creative writing (novels, short stories) 2 hours each morning.

  • Do not check e-mail until AFTER my morning writing is complete. I must face up to being an e-mail addict. "Hello, my name is Dena, and I abuse e-mail." "Hi, Dena."

These are not "resolutions" per se, but there are always the old standbys of workout more and eat healthier. The trick is going to be finding a new or varied workout routine. I love Billy Blanks, but I don't think I can face another Tae-bo video anytime soon. And even my old favorite the treadmill holds less appeal.

Anyway, those are things to worry about on Monday. For now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Happy New Year to everyone!