Decorating Diaries - The "Before" Bathroom Pics

My evenings for the next week will more than likely be spent scraping wallpaper glue from our master bathroom walls.  For those who've been following along, we are finally--after 10 years--letting go of the blue nightmare and gutting the bathroom.

glue1.jpgThe problem (one of the many) is that the wallpaper has been up there for about 30 years and is resisting removal.  We can tear the front layer off, but then must wet the walls down and scrape the glue, one inch at a time. 

We've also run into trouble with the floor.  The people we wanted to install our heated floor can't order in the tile that we want.  Since they can't order the tile, they won't do the tile work.  If they're not doing the tile work, they recommend they not be the ones to do the heated floor. 

My contractor hasn't worked with anyone who has installed heated floors so a new search must begin.  I've put a call into our cabinet woman--since she designs bathrooms I'm hoping she'll have a name for us.

Meanwhile, the scraping continues.

Here are a few more "before" shots of the bathroom: How sad it will be to lose the lovely baby blue toilet, shower, and carpet.  (What were the people before us who installed these things thinking?  It was the 70's, so maybe it was the drugs talking...)bathbefore1.jpgblueshower1.jpg