"Anti-Stalking Services" Now Available

Ha!  I am cracking up.  My dear friend Pam e-mailed me that she had posted a review of Lessons In Stalking on Amazon, so I went to check it out.  The reivew is charming--thank you, Pam.  But I had to laugh at what else popped up.  Under the "Customers Interested In This Title May Also be Interested In..." heading, Amazon has listed "Free Hunting Gear" and "Anti-Stalking Services - Services offered from the UK's leading authority in stalking cases." 

How quickly I fell from "cat author" to "potential menance to society."

Anyway, you can check out Pam's nice review of my book here

And just to demonstrate the complete uselessness of numbers, check this out.  It's my book's rating copied off Amazon.  Somehow I moved in 1 day from being over the million mark (the higher the number, the worse the score) to book number 137,016 today.  All that with only 2 books sold off Amazon.  Maybe all those anti-stalking people in the UK are checking out my site.

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