Keeping House

I owe an apology to all the parents, single mom's and busy people of the world.  But first, an admission.

I'm a clean house snob.  There, I've said it.  I don't expect perfection and I'm willing, especially for people with kids, to overlook fingerprints on the coffee table and toys scattered around a room.  My own home is not spotless (and with 2 cats shedding non-stop, it never will be).   But I admit I never really "got" people who kept a messy home.  My thought is, if you want a clean home, pick up the Pledge and Windex and get busy.  Once it's clean it's not that big a deal to maintain it.  Toss in 2 hours a week and you'll be fine.

And it's not that I mind being in other people's messy homes.  As long as there's a clean mug for coffee and a spot cleared for me to sit, I'm good to go.  But it amazed me how people could live surrounded by the clutter.  I almost can't think straight if my house isn't clean.

Which is where my apology comes in.  Blair and I have been swamped for the last 3 weeks now.  We see each other for about 40-60 minutes each night and maybe 20 minutes in the morning.  He's working non-stop and I'm on the go as well.  And the house is suffering for it.  We haven't given it a good cleaning in over 2 weeks now.  My excuse?  I can't find the time. 

I have become what I formally mocked (isn't that always the way?).  My stovetop, at the moment, is an embarrassment.  The cat was digging in the plant the other day and dirt is scattered across the floor and I've yet to get around to sweeping it up (Just as well.  The minute I clean it she starts flinging dirt again.  She thinks it's a game and she's excited that she's winning).  There are spiderwebs all over the outside of our home and I pass by them and justify not wiping them off with the thought, "It's good ambiance for Halloween."  I need help, people.  Do you hear me?  HELP.

And that thing about not having the time?  Just an excuse.  I watched TV for 45 minutes last night.  I could have been cleaning then.  But I was tired and the last thing I felt like doing was running a feather duster along the baseboards.

So my house is (deep breath Dena, you can do this)---dirty. I think I'm near my breaking point though.  Tomorrow is Blair and my 11-year anniversary.   He's taking the day off work (it IS a Saturday) and we'll spend the day together.  But to start the day off right, and truly enjoy our time together, I know what I have to do.

I'll be up at 6am, Pledge and Windex in hand, getting busy.