Decorating Diaries - Bathroom Update

Some of you have been so kind as to ask how the redecorating of the master bath is going so I thought I'd post a quick update.

The bathroom is...gone.  All gone.  Bye-bye.  It's been gutted.  No sink, shower, cabinet, or toilet remains.  All that is there is a plywood floor with paper stuffed down the connecting tube where the toilet used to sit.  I know this, because my clothes closet is through the master bath, so I have to pull on flip-flops (loose nails/staples) every time I cross the floor or decide I want to put on a different pair of jeans.

We have made no headway on the heated floor.  Here's where we stand:

Our floor person couldn't get in the tile we wanted and said he wouldn't do the tile if he didn't order it.  So he's out.  Next we tried the cabinet people we are ordering the tile from. They WILL do the tile, but don't do heated floors and prefer not to do tile showers.  I have in a call to a heated floor guy she recommended, but they aren't calling me back.

My contractor has a tile guy he prefers to use, but the tile guy also doesn't do heated floors.  He does, however, do showers.  So should be do all the tile?  You'd think so, except I already told the cabinet people that sure, they could do the tile floor.  So now, it's apparently a breach of etiquette to ask the actual tile man to come in and just do the shower tile when we haven't asked him to do the floor tile.

About this time I usually start holding my head and screaming. This just seems way, way more complicated than it needs to be.  I'm about one phone call away from telling Blair I'm out, and handing all the phone numbers over to him.

On the bright side, we got most of the wallpaper removed Sunday afternoon.  Glue remnants still cling to the drywall, so we'll have to go back and give it one last soaking/scraping, but we're close. 

In other news, we ordered sheets from and are very happy with them.  400 TC, so not silky, but still very soft and comfy. We also ordered lamps online (with the help of our decorator.  We're not that brave on our own) and are happy with those as well.  Slowly, slowly, it's coming together.

And that's where we stand.  Tune in next week (actually, Friday) for more decorating adventures.  We're having a lamppost installed Friday.  There's sure to be blog-worthy material there.