My Winter Shearing: A Haircut

Here's a fascinating (or appalling--depends on your sensibility) behind-the-scenes look at a recurring conversation in the Harris household over the past 6 weeks.

Dena:  Do you think I should get my hair cut?

Blair:   Sure, do whatever you like.

Dena:  So you hate my hair?

Blair:  No! I love your hair.

Dena:  Then why do you want me to cut it?

Blair:  I didn't say I wanted you to get it cut.

Dena: Then you think I should leave it the length it is?

Blair:  Okay.

Dena:  That wasn't a yes.  You do hate my hair.

Blair:  No!  I just want you to be happy.

Dena:  But do you like it better long or short?

Blair:  I like it both ways.

Dena:  But which one do you like better?

Blair:  I think you're beautiful no matter what you do.

Dena:  Coward.

Blair:  I'm no fool.

This ridiculous conversation took place more times than I care to mention.  Today I bit the bullet and went in and had the back chopped off, leaving the front still somewhat long.  I LOVE it.  I am just a short-hair chick.  The best part is I'm back to only taking about 6 minutes to style it, blow-drying included. 

So now that issue is resolved, we'll need to find a new topic of conversation.  Hey, I've got one!  How's this for an opener?

Dena:  So.  Do you think I'm fat?