Don't Let Me Near Anything Sharp

Do you ever have those days where everything you touch goes "Ker-plooey?"  I have to wonder if my body is giving off some unusual electromagnetic charge this morning that is causing everything within my vicinity to stop working.

It started with the computer.  Trouble printing led to trouble with my storage device which led to trouble with back-up files.  Add in slow load time for the Internet and the warning message "Low storage space on Drive C" and it makes me think I better not chance trying to use the phone or driving anywhere today.  I wouldn't want to endanger the lives of others.

Right now I'm waiting for the "lamp-post people" to show up.  This is a quick "Decorating Diaries" fix.  We're finally--after ten years--installing a light post at the end of our walkway.  I say finally because we've been flirting with the possibility of broken limbs and lawsuits for years.  We have a walkway that leads from our house to some stairs that lead to the sidewalk.  This is a pitch black area. We manage to maneuver up and down the stairs at night simply by rote memorization.  Every Halloween we put out massive amounts of candles and lights on the stairs so we don't have a pile-up of kids and parents who fell over trying to find their way up the stairs.

Of course, the lamp-post people were supposed to be here at 10 and it's now 10:03.  But after all these years, I understand contractor time.  10 am means "I'll try to be there before two, but no promises."

My only concern is the light be installed before Trick-or-Treat.  Ooh!  We can put orange or red lights in it for "super-scary" effect.  Cool!