What Else Can I Say About Me?

In my never-ending quest for book promotion I've sent queries and press releases to newspapers and magazines, asking if they might be interested in doing a story on me as the "cat lady" with the Lessons In Stalking & Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul books coming out at the same time.

Interesting bit of journalism trivia: Several of the places I contacted about running an author profile said, "Sure, great, we'd love to spotlight you.  How about you write the article?"

This has resulted in way too many hours spent of me writing about, well, me.  Sounds fun, but it's harder than you might think.  Can't write anything.

As I informed Blair over dinner last night, I have reached an early saturation level and I don't want to write about me, I don't to hear about me, and I don't want to cobble together any more funny but hopefully moving personal stories about me (as relates to cats).  In a phrase, I am sick of me.

Tongue in cheek, of course.  I'm extremely grateful for the chance at book promotion and writing a Q&A article for a cat magazine was actually quite fun.  Makes me wonder though, how many of the "author profiles" we read in other (small) magazines are written by the authors as well?

I do feel like I'm regurgitating the same bits of information over and over though.  I looked at Lucy lazing in the sun today and told her she better get on the ball and do something cute sometime soon because I needed some new material.  (Naturally, she completely ignored me).

And good things continue to happen.  I've got a growing list of places my book is now available (take THAT Barnes & Nobles who won't look at me without a distributor) and am starting to line up things up for my book launch on December 1st at The Green Bean in downtown GSO.  More details on that to follow.

One other bright note.  My sister is working it for me.  She works at a small college outside Chicago and their bookstore is going to carry my book.  THANKS sis!