First Cold of the Year

I stopped standing in line for the flu shot years ago because I could never see that it made a difference.  My body has a pre-determined pattern for illness.  I get horribly sick--fever, sore throat, aching muscles, clogged head--every other year, like clockwork.  Doesn't matter if I get the flu shot or not, doesn't matter how healthy I eat or how many vitamins I take.  I could stand outside buck naked in sleet and snow and if it's not my year to be sick, no worries.  Alternatively, I could place myself in a sterile bubble but if it's a year I'm due to be sick, the bubble barrier would be broken and it would be on.

Sadly, this is an on year.  And for the last two days, I thought maybe I would just get the sickness out of the way, early on.  I woke up Tuesday morning with a full-fledged cold.  I hacked and coughed my way through the day, then went to bed early for a glorious 11 hours worth of sleep.  Woke up Wednesday not feeling much better and thought, "Uh-oh, it has arrived."  But, a day of taking it easy seems to have done the trick and the symptoms are fading.

Which means I have another 4 months to wonder when my body will fall prey to the flu virus. 

On a bright note, Blair picked up the Halloween candy last night and hit paydirt.  We found chocolates wrapped as dismembered toes, fingers, and lips--great body parts to spread around my mad-scientist outdoor laboratory.   We're going to spend the weekend plotting out the graveyard for our front yard.  Who says romance is dead?