Lessons In Stalking Book Launch - Invitation Preview

Invite1.jpgTo the right you'll see a preview of the invitation I'm sending out for my book launch.  I asked Linda Santell, my illustrator, to make up a few 8 x 10 posters to hang around town and while she was at it, had her shrink down the posters to postcard size for mailing invitations.  I think they turned out cute.  I especially like the "Lattes & Beer 1/2 Price" part.  I'm under no illusions as to what will really draw people in.

I'm donating 20% of all book sale proceeds to the Happy Hills Animal Foundation.  They are a local no-kill shelter run by volunteers with seeming unending amounts of dedication.   I'm thrilled to partner with them for this and am actually going to start volunteering with them, as well. I'm not sure doing what.  I just don't know that I can emotionally take working with abandoned cats and dogs.  I think I might break down daily.  But I can do grant-writing, fund-raising, work at animal fairs, and the like.  Maybe build up to actually working on site.  Because I know if I go in now, allergies or not, I'll be coming home day one with twenty cats and at least three dogs in tow.  It breaks my heart to see animals in cages when they're so desperate for a family to love.

Anyway, as I said, I'll have to build up to that.  But I'm thrilled that Happy Hills is bringing two cats to the book launch, both available for adoption.  I would LOVE to see both cats go home with someone.  That would be so much better than just selling books.  I would love to be able to make that my "thing": Every time I hold a book signing, I bring cats for adoption that find homes. 

For those of you in the area, please consider the posting here an open invite.  I'd love to have you at the book launch and please introduce yourself as a reader of my blog.  And remember: LATTES & BEER 1/2 PRICE.