Halloween Preparations

Halloween came early Thursday night when some people decided to egg the cars on our street.  I didn't even know about it until late Friday evening, when a neighbor called to tell me my car had been hit.  I'd been inside all day, still laid up with my cold, and hadn't left the house.  My neighbor said the car wash he took his car to "worked like the devil" to get the egg off his car.  I went outside with some Charlie's Soap and warm water and had 80% of the egg off in about four minutes.  That soap is worth it's weight in gold.

frankclose copy.jpgMischief aside, Halloween preparations continue at the Harris household.  Blair unfortunately has a staff meeting Monday night and may be a bit late getting home, so he prepped a "Fake Frank" for me to use until he arrived.  He's awesome looking.  The photos here show him inside our home, but Blair has it rigged so that we'll lay Frank on a bale of straw (covered to look like an operating table) and then I can pull a wire that runs under Frank and he'll actually sit up.  I plan on having Blair make Frankenstein noises into a tape recorder ("Uuuungh") that I'll play as the monster comes to life. 

I'm most impressed with Frank's eyes.  The eyeballs you see here are part of the candy body parts Blair found, but they look realistic behind the mask.  Frank copy.jpg

As you can see from our dining room table, other prep work is being done.  We're going to fill beakers with colored water and we'll head into GSO later today to buy a fogger machine from Target.  We made fake gravestones last night that we'll post in the yard.  The only thing left is to find me a white mad-scientist smock. 

Happy early Halloween to you and yours.  Uuuunnnnngh!!preparations.jpg