Praise the Gods, they're on their way!  I just hung up with the delivery house and Lessons In Stalking will be at my door this Thursday between 3-5.  (In a slightly painful aside, they actually could have delivered the books to me tomorrow, Wednesday, but I have interviews lined up in the afternoon. I had to grit my teeth not to cancel the interviews to be here for the books instead.)

I can't wait.  Wow.  I have so much to do.  Pre-orders to ship out, I need to get books to Amazon asap, buy shipping material, send out review copies...the list goes on. 

It almost feels like it's not really happening.  Sort of like Christmas as a child.  You wait and wait for what seems like forever, then it happens and afterwards you're like, "Wait.  That was it? What happened?" 

Everything feels new now.  For so long the mindset has been "Get the books in.  Get the books in."  Now the mindset is "Do publicity and call everyone and run here and run there and write a press release and mail out copies and on and on and on and on...."  Hysterical yet joyful chaos probably best describes today's mindset.

I have no idea how big a carton (or cartons) 2000 books come in.  This ought to be amusing when they deliver it.