Yes.  So.  Had a bit of a meltdown last night.  Our general contractor called about 9pm and said hey, since it's raining tomorrow, why don't I come over and spend the day ripping out your bathroom?  We said sure, great, why not?  But after we hung up, I started freaking out.

"What if we can't get the floor people in?" I demanded of Blair.  "What if we rip this bathroom out and then it just sits there for a month because we jumped in without having the other contractors lined up?  Then we've surrounded ourselves with mess and chaos for no reason."

"Well, call back and say we want to wait," Blair advised.

"Oh sure!" I said.  "You know the cabinet people want to be in by the 15th.  We've got to get this started."

"So we'll go ahead then," he said.

"How can we go ahead when we don't know what the floor people are doing?" I shrieked.  "Are you even paying attention?

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"No!  I am not okay.  The books are coming in and I don't have the delivery materials and I've got to plan the launch and fix my website and I've got a million classes coming up to prepare for and you're working 14 hour days and are unavailable and now, in the middle of all this chaos, now is when we decide to rip the bathroom apart and you know how I feel about living with dirt and I'm the one that's going to have to make all the calls and deal with the headaches and scheduling and chaos and I'm just feeling stressed and waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!"  And the tears came.

Poor Blair.  That's all I can. I would run screaming from the home if I had to deal with a neurotic like me.  And when I get wound up like that, the nicer he tries to be to me, the meaner I get.  He tried to give me a hug and I almost decked him.

I'm feeling much better today.  I woke up and Blair walked in the room and looked at me.  "Feeling better?" he asked, warily circling the bed. 

"Yes," I said, feeling foolish. "Sorry."

So what the hell.  We'll have the bathroom ripped out today.  We've got another one we can use.  And just because it's messy and things aren't where they're supposed to be, I can breathe.  I'll deal with it.  For a short while, anyway.

Stay tuned.  Much chaos sure to follow!