Decorating Diaries: Bees & Rotted Boards Update

All is better in Harrisland.  I got lucky when I called Pest Control yesterday and the guy was at my door within 15 minutes to spray the bees.  I vacuumed up about 100+ dead bees bodies last night.  But better dead than alive, is my view.  The bees started appearing upstairs today in my office window which is directly above the downstairs window they were in yesterday, so I had the guy come back out today and spray upstairs.  I'd say the bees should be gone within the next 3 days.

Also good news with the rotted boards.  They don't appear to be from a plumbing link in the new bathroom. Rather, it appears they rotted from the inside out just due to exposure to the elements.  It's no lie to say I am thrilled by this news.  I had visions of both bathrooms being torn apart at once.  Our contractor will replace the boards by Monday, and all will be good in the decorating world.