Decorating Diaries - A New Hell Begins

I'm a prophet.  In my last entry, written approximately 5 hours ago, I wrote to stay tuned for more chaos.  Never has there been a more self-fulfilling prophecy.

I walk back in from a lovely writing session with my friend Bernie, and am greeted by Keith, our wonderful painter guy who comes once a year to touch up the outside of the house and do a quick inspection.

"Follow me," he said, waggling his finger. 

First he showed me the bees.  Yellow jackets, to be exact.  We knew there were a few in the walls of our exercise room and had asked Keith to spray outside.  He did, causing--at the moment, at least--approximately 50-100 bees to swarm inside the room.  Right now they're crawling over the window and light fixture.  I'm waiting for the exterminator to arrive as I write this and praying the cats don't get stung.

Then Keith showed me the back of the house. Specifically, the wet, rotted boards that oh-so-easily break off.  The new shower we installed last year apparently has a leak.  So, when our contractor gets here today it will not be to rip out our OLD bathroom, but more than likely to rip out our brand spanking new one to fix the leak.

For a bonus, I was also shown a rotted out door to our crawl space and some gutters hanging by a string.

I keep reminding this a problem or an inconvenience?  And really, it's just a huge inconvenience.  So I'll just hang out with my little bee friends and remind myself that it's all good.