Pictures from Cat Writers / CFA Annual Conference

Here are the few pics I took from my weekend in San Francisco:

cwasigning.jpg This is me at the Book Signing book at the CFA International Cat Show. I had great placement at the end of the booth.


curlycat1.jpgThis is a cat I adored--curly and cute and beautiful orange eyes. hard not to grab and run!


curlycat2.jpgThis is curly cat again.  We love curly cat!!


Me and author Maggie Bonham. I bought her book and she bought mine.  Her book is a fantasy called "Prophecy of Swords."  I don't usually read fantasy, but I liked Maggie's personality so much I thought I'd give it a shot and SO glad I did.  I'm totally engaged in the story and the book made my 4 hour layover in Atlanta FLY by.  I highly recommend any of you pick it up for a read.


This is my friend and fellow pet author Arden Moore and her dog, Chipper.  The photo was taken at the elevator in our hotel, where this baby became fascinated with Chipper.  They were really cute to watch together.

 Earlier that day, Arden had Chipper at the Cat Show wearing an "I Love Cats" sweater as she handed out literature.  Chipper was a big hit!