Decorating Diaries--Madcap Update

Here is where we stand in the master bathroom renovation saga.

"Cabinet Woman" has now become "Cabinet/Tile/Liner/Shower Woman." We have this superwoman of contractors (and help) arriving at our home the week of Dec. 5th to get busy.  Here is my tentative (and I'm sure, entirely wrong) understanding of the schedule:

The wires are in the place for the heated floor.  What must come next is laying down the shower liner.  And then after that the skim coat, followed by the tile for floor and shower.  EXCEPT, at some point in there we need to build out a wall for the shower door.  If we leave it as is, we have to order a customized door--very bad for the budget.  So, my general contractor was here today and he said he thinks he needs to come build the wall before the liner goes in.  Oh, and the heated floor people have to come back after the skim coat is one but BEFORE the tile is applied, to test to make sure the heating system works okay.

(The whole process reminds me of that medical song: "The leg bone's connected to the...hip bone.  The hip bone's connected to the...whatever bone.)

So, by this weekend Blair and I must pick out a shower door, get the measurements to the general contractor, who will then call "Cabinet/Tile/Liner/Shower woman" to discuss when the wall should be built and then--God willing--things will start to happen. 

I've set my sights on the end of December to have the bathroom completed.  A month ago, that seemed a no-brainer.  Now, I'm not so sure...

All I know is that winter is coming and the temperature in that bathroom is sinking fast.