Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving or, as we like to refer to it, "Carbfest '05."  I read in Newsweek that the average person consumes 86 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day, or the equivalent of 18 slices of pizza.  Amateurs.  I'm sure I consume at least 200 grams of fat, which is equal to closing down a Domino's Pizza.

Blair does most of the cooking for us.  I contribute a pumpkin pie and some minor side dishes, but Blair makes the turkey, sweet potatoes, ham, stuffing, corn pudding, peas, homemade mac-n-cheese (an odd but tasty Thanksgiving tradition), cranberries, biscuits, and whatever else gets thrown on the table. 

We get up early, about 5-6 am, and fire up the oven.  I'll make the pie first so the house smells of brewed coffee and pumpkin pie as we start the main meal cooking.  (Or, as Blair starts it.  I'm banished from the kitchen because I get nervous and want to start making dishes too early and throw Blair off his groove.  I'm then assigned table setting duties).

I remember the first Thanksgiving I spent with Blair.  We went to his parents house in Fayetteville, NC and I--the dieting nut at the time--watched in horror as his mother whipped through about 10 sticks of butter as she prepared the meal.  "I can't eat this," I whispered to Blair.  "My arteries will explode on the spot."  Then I took my first bite and I've never looked back.  Butter makes everything taste better...

A quick list and by no means complete list of what I'm thankful for.  I'm grateful for:

  • My health and the health of those I love
  • My warm home and stocked fridge
  • The love of a man who not only encourages me in my dreams, but helps to see they become a reality
  • My family and friends, who I don't tell near enough how much they mean to me
  • My cats (no brainer...)
  • My car and the gas money to fill it
  • The millions of daily things I take for granted like eating,  having clean water, standing up, breathing on my own, being able to see, hear, laugh, love
  • Getting to do work I love every day (no matter how much I complain!)
  • The generosity of friends which has become so clear to me in the process of putting out this book.  I continue to be touched and amazed at how happy others are for me, how they offer their support, and how many truly good, kind people I find myself surrounded by.

If a magic genie were to appear and offer me the life of anyone I wanted, I wouldn't blink an eye as I informed him he would do well to be living my life, thank you very much.  I am blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.