Fox 8 Morning News Interview

I had my book interview today on Fox 8 Morning News.  Cindy Farmer interviewed me and she's just as cute and friendly in person as she is on TV.  Thinner though.  Not that she looks at all big on TV, but she looks a whole lot slimmer in person so that "the camera adds 10 lbs" thing must be true.  Bear that in mind if you saw ME on TV this morning. =)

The interview flew by.  I feel like I only said 3 sentences although I'm sure when I get home to watch it, it will be much longer.  She asked me how much fun was it to write the book, did I have a favorite story, and asked about us getting a second cat.  I talked with my friend and fellow writer Pam Cable right after the interview and she said it went really well. But then again, Pam's a good friend. <grin>.

Funny thing, I ended up wearing almost the exact same gray suit with the same black boots as Cindy Farmer.  Luckily, I had a bright orange sweater on, so I lost my jacket so we didn't look like the bobsie-twins.  I wore more makeup than I usually do and hope when I see the interview I won't have a Tammy Faye Baker look going on.  That would be a shame.

Books sells are going well.  I've sold about 16 through Amazon, I'm meeting an area pet sitter today to sell her some for X-mas gifts for her customers, and the Book Launch at the Green Bean is tomorrow night.  I'm finally getting excited about it.  I think it will be a good turnout, the weather should be decent, and I'm really, really hoping both of the cats Happy Hills Animal Shelter is bringing will find a home.

My book selling goal for the night is to sell a minimum of 30, 50 would be fantastic and anything over that is gravy.  I'll tally up the numbers for you on Friday.

Meanwhile, I'm up to my eyeballs in work.  Two huge projects that I'm kicking myself for not staring work on sooner.  I'm hoping to get a pretty close to done draft of one of them today.  I've got my children's book critique group tonight at 7 PM (it's 11 AM right now) and I'm considering just staying here in GSO and working all day vs. going home.  However, I think I left my e-mail open at home because I just checked it and had only one message--highly unlikely. And there were a few things I needed to get.

Speaking of stupid things, here's one.  I locked myself out of my car last night. I taught a public speaking workshop (a small group, but so much fun.  I hadn't been in the mood to teach but the people in class were so open and fun it ended up being a really good night.  I love when that happens) at GTCC, and had to call campus security at 9 PM when class ended.  But a high five to them. They were there in under a minute and had my door open in about 3.  Very efficient.