I Want To Go Back to Bed

It's only just before 6:30 AM and I've had my morning coffee, but as I look at my to-do list and the chaos spread across my desk, I want nothing so much as to clomp back downstairs, kick the decorative pillows off the bed, crawl under the covers and sleep for six more hours.

I think I will be in better shape come Monday. The book launch will be over and I plan to complete two big projects this weekend that have been taking up some time.  That will, theoretically, give me some breathing room.  Not a lot, but I'll take what I can get.

With my launch at 7 tonight, I'm going to get there around 6 with my friend Pam to set up.  Which means I'll need to leave the house around 4:15 so I can pick up the cake and food. So I'm not even showering and thinking about getting ready until about 2 o'clock today.  I need to be super-productive before then, however.

Remember the Million Dollar Home page I wrote about? (See this entry).  I checked my stats yesterday and after only 2 1/2 days I had nine hits.  I'm not sure whether those are random hits or perhaps readers of this blog following my directions to my slot on the page and clicking on it, but I'm encouraged that at least a few people have found it. 

Uh-oh, Lucy is at my feet, giving me her growling "mrow!" which means "Pet me NOW."  I must obey.  I hope to see many of you at the launch tonight! =)