Decorating Diaries: Bedroom BEFORE & AFTER Pics

It has been 10 long, hard years, but the day has finally arrived that I can say with great pride and job that I LOVE MY BEDROOM.

My decorator Dawn Leamon was here last night for three hours as we installed hardware for the curtains, ironed bedding, bought pillows, and "fluffed" the bedroom.  We're not done (still need furniture and artwork) but I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with where we are now.  Check out this night and day difference:

This is what happens when Dena tries to decorate on her own (BEFORE PIC):

old_bedroom1 copy.jpg

And here's what happens when Dena gets smart and seeks the help of a professional (AFTER PIC):


I hesitate to even post the pictures because they just don't come anywhere near to doing the room justice.  Every time I walk by the doorway, it takes my breath away.  And last night when the curtains were closed, it made the room look palatial. Blair and I both are extremely happy.  So much so, that when I told him Dawn suggested we paint the master bath red to coordinate with the bedroom, he didn't blink an eye.  "Okay, it's just paint," was his response.

The cats are currently banned from the bed, although I'm not sure how long I'll last.  Lucy hopped up on the bed this morning and was sniffing around the comforter, and looked very miffed when I shooed her off.  And Olivia's been eyeing the curtains like she just discovered a new Mt. Everest to scale.