Gregory Alan to play at Book Launch

A fantastic "Urban Acoustic" guitar player named Gregory Alan will be playing at my Book Launch at The Green Bean on Dec. 1st.  I first heard Greg play back in April, during national poetry month.  Our local writers group had organized poetry readings around town that month and I attended one at a local Starbucks where Greg was playing. His style is this smooth, soothing blend of pop, R&B, and contemporary jazz.

I'm not a big fan of live music.  It's always too loud, too overpowering, and in my opinion most musicians sound better when they've been edited and digitized on a CD.  So it was a surprise how much I liked Greg's sound.  Blair felt the same way because a little into Greg's second song he leaned over to me and said, "We should get his CD."

I've been a little nervous about the book launch.  I've invited all these people and now they're going to do what while they're there?  I'll read from my book, but that will be under 10 minutes.  And I'll sign book copies (which I hope will take a lot longer than 10 minutes!), and there will be cake and food and drink.  But music brings an added element of togetherness.  I think it will provide that cohesion I'm looking for. 

Plus, Greg gets a chance to sell his CD's and market himself, and I'm all for championing local artists.  All in all, I'm really looking forward to the event.