Heart Attack On A Subway Platter

Thank God I'm the type of person who follows up.  For my book launch, I'm having Subway do a couple of party sandwich trays, along with some cookies.  I stopped by last week to place the order.  I called them a few minutes ago, just to verify that the order would be ready by 5 tonight.

"Oh, I'm so glad you called!" said the woman who answered (who also happened to be the woman I spoke to last week).  "Somebody took your order down and we couldn't find it.  Hold on a minute," and I heard her turn to a co-worker and say, "It's that woman whose order we lost calling." 

"Oh good," said the co-worker.

I can't complain because she was just as nice as she could be as she retook my order.  "What would you have done if I'd just shown up without calling?" I asked.

"Oh, we can get those trays ready really fast.  We'd have taken care of you."

That's a good worker.  She was very calm and made me feel--even though they'd lost the order--that I was in capable hands.

Figuring lighting couldn't strike twice, I called Harris Teeter to make sure the cake would be ready.

"What's that name again?" asked the woman.

"Harris," I said.  "It's a cake with the cover of a cat book on it. I left a copy of the book with you." 

"Uh-huh. And um...what was the name?"

They found that order though.  I also did a last minute food panic and bought a cheese tray for a ridiculous amount of money.  But I'm still worried I don't have enough.  Part of the problem is I have no idea how many people will show.  Who knows...I could be eating subway leftovers for a week.

That's all.  Just thought I'd share my moment of panic.