So much for not working...

Blair and I had declared yesterday (Saturday) a non-working day for both of us.  He had a rare day home from the office and I didn't want to look at anything even remotely resembling a keyboard.

However, I did have one little appointment to go to in the morning for Tire Tracks, the weekly featurette I write for the News & Record on people who have interesting, unusual, or unique cars.  We had our 8:30 appt., then started running errands. 

Albright3.jpgDriving around, we passed a Volkswagon dealership and Blair said, "There's your next Tire Tracks piece." A psychadelic-painted convertible bug was parked in front. We did a 180 and I ran inside to ask who owned the car.  I did a quick interview in which I found out the owner and sons strongly suspect the car sitting outside was the car in the 1999 Austin Powers "The Spy Who Shagged Me Movie."  The salespeople were having a ball and everyone was walking around saying, "Groovy, baby!" 

Then, as ran into PetSmart to grab some food and kitty litter, I did a 3rd Tire Tracks interview with a pet groomer who had a cool car out in the parking lot.  Again, so much for not working.

But what an incredible day. Tire Track stories are hard to come by so knocking out 3 in one day--especially with the Austin Powers car find--felt great.

I hope I can keep up the momentum today, Sunday, which is a working day for us both.