Christmas Cards - Keeping Count

Every year our Christmas card giving gets more out of control.  I blame myself.  I don't like leaving people out and hey, everyone likes to get mail, right?

Blair has advocated for the last couple years that we cut back our list.  "We never hear from these people," he'll say, handling an envelope ready to go out.  "When was the last time you talked to this woman? Five years ago?"

Maybe.  But it seems cruel to cut people from the list, especially if they made the list the prior year.  "Yeah, sorry, we decided you just don't have what it takes this year. Buh-bye."

This year we probably sent out around 120.  To date--and it's early, mind you--we've received about 10.  I line them up in front of the mantle in our front room.  Blair came home the other day and stood in front and counted, moving his finger from one card to the next.

"One, two, three... That's it!  People better start sending cards or," he made a cutting motion across his throat, "they're off the list!"

He was kidding and we were laughing as he said it.  I know more and more people who aren't going to the bother and increasing expense of sending cards and I don't hold it against anyone if I don't receive one.  It is a hassle.  Oddly, for someone like myself who gripes about putting up the tree and pouts for three days when I'm forced to decorate the house, I actually enjoy the whole Christmas card process.  I love writing the annual newsletter and reviewing the year and I get a sense of satisfaction as I watch the completed "to be mailed" envelopes grow in a pile beside me.

So for those friends and family who chose not to send cards, fear not!  If I have my way (and isn't it cute the way I write "if?"), you'll still make next years list.