Sales Totals for Lessons In Stalking

My first online order for Lessons In Stalking came on October 6, 2005.  Since then, I've "sold" 450 books.  Not too bad considering I've mainly hit local sales.   And I say "sold" because, for example, I might drop 10 books off at Borders or The Fat Cat, but that doesn't mean they've sold.  That just means they're out there for public consumption.

My number one salesperson to date is, by far, Gwenn Lance at The Fat Cat here in Madison.  I think she's sold over 50 of my books and just put a order in for another 15.  I'm thrilled not just that the books are selling, but that they're selling so well in Gwenn's shop. It's a contemporary art gallery with aisles of fun, whimsical, unique merchandise and I wasn't initially sure my book would be a good fit for her store.  But Gwenn is a huge supporter of local artists and has gone out of her way to talk the book up.  Which I really want to go to a few other art shops in GSO that have my book but aren't selling many copies and say, "Hey.  The book will sell for you if you give it some attention. Take a page from Gwenn's book. "

I'm speaking at NSA University in January in Tucson and they'll purchase 100 copies of the book, so I'm slowly selling off my initial print run of 2,000.  The dream of course is to have such demand that I need a second printing.  I'd like to have all 2000 sold by this time next year, at the latest.  If I get to work in the New Year and start targeting gift stores and speciality shops, I see no reason why that shouldn't happen.

Until then, sales are book-by-book-by-book. But I'm having fun.