The People You Meet In A Week

It's Sunday morning, about 8:30, and I'm at my desk doing a little prep work for a phone interview I have this morning at 10:30.  It's with an American woman who lives in Rome and does volunteer work with the organizations there that feed and care for the multitude of cats living in the Coliseum and other ancient ruins of Italy. The woman is a close friend of a writer friend of mine and I think her story would be a good fit for any of the cat magazines I write for. She's state side until just before X-mas so I want to catch her before she leaves.

I was thinking this has been a busy interview week for me.  I've had at least one a day, if not more.  And as I thought about them, it astonishes me the breadth of people I've had the privilege to talk to in one week.

  • Today is the woman who works with cats in Rome
  • Friday was a 30-minute interview with one of the top literary agents in NY
  • Thursday was an interview with a retired woman in Florida who breeds Affenpinschers and who--God love her--has the voice of Minnie Mouse.  She was a hoot and full of energy and love for her dogs.
  • The week before that was a chat with a veterinarian to the stars
  • And let's not forget local people!  Don't forget my possible "Austin Powers" car connection. (Click here to read prior entry and see pic, below). Albright3.jpg

I loathe talking on the phone and always dread doing these interviews, yet I always end up enjoying myself and having a grand time.  People are so interesting and once they feel comfortable, they'll start sharing stories that really make me feel like I know the person I'm speaking with.

Here's to a New Year filled with meeting interesting and unique people--in person and over the phone.