Pay Me, Pay Me, Pay Me!

Aauugh!  Sooooo close!  And the clock is ticking.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I set myself a financial earning goal for the year.  This income goal is for all money earned from magazine writing and teaching, but does not include any monies earned from Lessons In Stalking.  That's its own category with its own expenses and earnings.

So, I have this goal of X number of dollars that, to be realized, must be fulfilled before the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  And right now, I am $68.50 away from goal.  $68.50!  I am THAT close.  But I only count toward the goal money that actually comes in the door, so even though a number of magazines owe me money, if the check doesn't show up before January 1st, it doesn't count.

All my hopes hinge on GTCC and UNC-G.  I'm owed money from both institutions for public speaking and writing classes taught earlier this year. 

I know it's silly.  $68 is close enough to say, yeah, I made goal.  But I'll know that really, I was just under.  I'll spend the rest of this week chasing the postman down, hoping for a check. 

Love that holiday spirit!