Right Hand Turns

A word to a few select drivers (and you know who you are) about right hand turns.  Ahem.

Is it really so friggin' difficult to make a right-hand turn? Do you think you might ever consider living on the edge every now and then and not come to a complete stop before turning right?  Life is short, so carpe diem, baby. Why not try whipping that car to the right at the speed of, say, at least 5 mph?

But, if you feel for safety's sake you absolutely must come to a complete stop, is there any chance of you burning off a few calories by raising your arm the 4 inches it takes to move your turn signal to the "right turn indicator" position?  That way those of us behind you don't wonder why you slammed on brakes and came to a complete stop for no reason in the middle of moving traffic.

Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.