Movie Talkers

Blair and I went to see Narnia (fantastic--a must see!) on Christmas Day and the theatre was packed.  Families were having to split up to find a seating and, due to one family having to do this, I ended up seated next to Bob.

I knew his name was Bob because as soon as he sat down, he offered his hand and introduced himself.  Bob from New Orleans (had some flood damage but is back in his house, just here visiting family).  Bob had a deep booming voice and infectious laugh and even though I am not typically a "greet your neighbor" type of movie goer, his good nature was hard to resist and we chatted a bit.

Then the lights dimmed.  The previews included scenes from "Pirates of the Caribbean II," "Ice Age II," and a few other animated films. 

"Oops, hey, that's great!" Bob shouted during some of the previews, turning to me and grinning.  "Hey, are we seeing a kids movie or what?  Check out all these kid previews!" he called.

Bob's booming voice was not lowered a bit.   I threw Blair a warning glance.  I rank people who talk loud during movies right up there with sloths and other lower forms of life.  If you want to talk during a movie, go to Blockbuster and rent something.  The rest of us are not interested in your running commentary.

For the most part, my fears about Bob proved unfounded.  Once or twice he made a loud remark (like at the end when the grown kids stumble across the lamppost and Bob said, "Hey now! Watch--they're gonna find their way back!") but for the most part, we were left to enjoy the movie.

I feel bad for thinking even slightly ill of Bob.  He really was a fun, nice guy.  Two little boys, around age 9, were settled into the seats beside him, separate from their parents, and Bob leaned over and said to them, "Hey!  I've got Junior Mints so we can have us some when the movie starts. What's a movie without Junior Mints?"

I think it's more of a reflection of my uprightness than it is Bob's personality.  Not that I'm wound all that tight, but I expect certain niceties such as not talking in movies to be followed and I get more upset than the situation warrants when the rules aren't followed.  I was a little tense during the most of the movie because I kept waiting for Bob to talk and ruin it for me, which is nobody's fault but my own.

So Bob, should our paths ever cross again, I'll sit beside you in the theatre and learn to relax.  Hey now--we can even share us some Junior Mints.  My treat.