Dark Days and Why I Love Them

I love dark days.  The type where thick, black clouds hang overhead and a sharp wind whips around corners and seems to come from all directions at once and the air crackles with electricity.  I've always loved wild weather that way.  Short, light rainfalls where the sun comes out afterwards do nothing for me.  I'll take a raging thunderstorm with howling winds and lightning and rolling clouds any day of the week.  Weather like this excites my spirit.

One of those storms looks to be moving in on us now.  Within the last 20 minutes the clouds have rolled in, covering the earlier sunshine of the day.  It looks like the skies may break open and pour rain any minute--I love the suspense. 

When Blair and I build our cabin, we want a tin roof so we get the full effect of the rain.  Part of what I like about violent weather is knowing I am warm and cozy, wrapped in a throw and sipping hot tea as I watch Nature rage outside my windows.

Here's wishing you dark days of thunderstorms to ignite the Spirit and make you grateful for all you have.