Ow ow ow

Interesting. I won't get out of bed and exercise on the weight machine and treadmill in the comfort of my own home. Rather, I feel the need to be up at 5:00 am, warming the car up by 20 after, driving 30 minutes to a gym, and only then exercising. I could have been done with my daily workout by the time I parked if I'd just stayed home.

But I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored. I will always love Billy Blanks and Tae-bo, but I simply can't face another tape. I can force myself on the treadmill to run a few miles, but I'm not doing any weight training.

Hence, the gym. I'm on a one-week trial membership, today being Day 1. My intent is to go every day and try new classes. However, I did a "Pump" class this morning which is one hour of lifting weights in an icy cold room while Pat Benatar screams punk rock love songs over a loudspeaker. I can take Pat. It's the one hour that scares me.

I did it, but I know, I just KNOW, I am going to wake up crippled tomorrow. You just can't dive into a class like that and expect to walk away unscathed. And here's the thing about aging...it takes longer to heal. When I was 20 and sore from a workout, it lasted an hour. 28, lasted maybe a day. Now at 34, it's 3 days of Tylenol and heating pads. I'm absolutely terrified of what my body will do when I turn 40. Probably drop into a short coma to heal.

The grass is always greener with me. For the past 2 months I've been thinking, "I want to join a gym, I want to join a gym." Now that I'm there, I found myself thinking, "I could be at home, I could be at home."

Maybe I'll try one of their yoga classes and see if I can get my mind to shut up.