Klingons Rule!

Klingon & Me Posted by Hello

"Live Long & Prosper."

Oh wait, wrong species.

I spent the weekend at Stellar Con, which is another way of saying I hung around a lot of people who know way, way too much about 18th centuary London, werewolves, vampires, space, mythology, witches, swords, ships, and other aspects of life most of us don't give more than a passing glance.

The picture above came about from a promise made to my husband, a former teenage Sci-Fi fan. "Promise me if you see a Klingon you'll get a photo," he said, pressing the digital camera into my hand. I promised.

So at the conference, I approached this very nice if wrinkled foreheaded woman as seen above and without thinking, blurted, "My husband wants a picture of me with a Klingon. Would you mind?"

That's me. Always making friends.

I was there b/c, even though I don't write Sci-Fi (although I've had a very cool story brewing in my mind about witches for some time now), the conference offered workshops on dialogue, plot, self-editing, etc. Well worth the $30 and not only did I meet a Klingon, but a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader as well.

Although it was a geek fest (sorry, but if you were there you know, it was), it was still a fun and interesting geek fest, and these geeks have some serious knowledge swimming about their brains.

Plus, I can't bring it in my heart to slam any conference that had the following advertisement. I'm paraphrasing b/c I threw my booklet out, but for some upcoming "Con," the ad read something like:

An absolute must on your "To-D0-Before-I-Die" list. Cross off "have a threesome" and include this conference instead! C'mon, be realistic. The threesome thing is just never going to happen.

Someone on the P.R. staff deserves a raise.

I'm off! Warp speed, Sulu. (I can't pull that off, can I?)