You may all now refer to me as "Her majesty, the Crockpot Queen." (Or perhaps just "Queen of Crock"). That's right, my cornmeal dumplings were pretty damn good. As was the butternut squash and the Italian green beans which, best as I can tell, means they are wider and fatter than regular green beans. (Said with all due respect to all my wonderful Italian friends).

I feel cheated that I just now discovered the crock pot. Almost every recipe is a stew which is not exactly summer fair. Maybe now that I've made my one dish and I'm such an established crockpot cooking expert, I'll dive into some side dishes. See if there's anything out there that doesn't require chicken stock.

On an entirely UNRELATED note, I've chipped my front tooth. Hey! I SAID it was unrelated. The tooth chipped before we ate the stew.

I have no idea what happened. I did a 5k charity walk on Saturday and had a doughnut and bottled water then noticed the tooth. Now I'm waiting for a call back from my dentist. They must get me in today. On Saturday my husband was sympathetic but yesterday he started calling me (affectionately, he claims) "snaggletooth." Sometimes I wonder if we're getting just a tad too comfortable with one another.

Hope I get the tooth fixed before lunch. I'm having leftover vegetable stew with cornmeal dumplings. And we're having it for dinner. And lunch and dinner tomorrow. And the day after that.

Those crockpots make one hell of a lot of food.