Bedtime Nightmares

He thinks he's funny but he's not. I'm talking about Blair, of course. Last night at about 9:30 we were flipping channels and came across "Silence of the Lambs." I love the movie, but it's not something I want to watch right before bed as I tend to take images with me into my dreams. So I left him to it, went to bed, read for about an hour, then lights out.

Blair came to bed about 30 minutes later. I felt him slide under the covers then his arms around me. "Night, honey," I murmured, patting his hand.

There was a long pause, then I felt a finger running gently down the length of my arm. "Goodnight, Clarice," he hissed in his best imitation Dr. Lecter voice.

Well thank you very much. I was up for the next 4 hours. He of course rolled over and went right to sleep. I had dreams all night.

There is so much to do I'm backing myself into a panic state of inertia. I've got 3 major articles due in the next month and I can't find any sources for one of them. Plus, the cat book is always demanding attention and there remains a ton of work to do on it. I need to send out for some "blurbs," or at least come up with the back cover copy.

I'm pulling a Scarlet O'Hara and not thinking about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow. I'm in Greensboro all day today, meeting friends, interviews, running errands, and haircut. That will probably be tomorrow's blog. I think I'm going to try and grow my hair out a bit, but I have the patience of a hummingbird and I'm sure I'll be back to having it all chopped off before the month of April is out. We'll see.