Easter Egg Hunt

We have a Sunday morning tradition. We're up early, around 6, and it's my husband's job to go out in the freezing cold and walk several blocks to buy the bulky Sunday paper, then bring it home. My job is to start the coffee, open the blinds, and put on classical music. (Yes, I realize I have the better end of this deal).

This Easter morning, as I was sorting through CD's, I noticed a green plastic egg on the shelf. I picked it up and shook it. Something was inside. Twisting it open, 3 small chocolate eggs fell out. Grinning, I went to start the coffee. As I opened the cupboard, another egg, this one purple, fell out. More chocolate inside.

My husband came back from getting the paper.

"Thank you for the chocolate," I said hugging him.

"What? Not me, Easter Bunny," he said, kissing me. He looked at our tuxedo cat, Lucy. "Did you see the Easter Bunny, Lucy?" Using his high-pitched "cat" voice, he answered for her. "Yes! He was here and here and then he put more eggs here, and then I ate him."

I smacked him, laughing.

I've only found 3 eggs so far (and am buzzing - 3 chocolate candy pieces per egg x 3 eggs = 9 pieces of chocolate before 7am this morning), but I'm guessing there's more. I'm putting off looking b/c I'm sure I'll gobble the pieces down.

Here's a tip for you parents out there. Rehide your kids candy. My dad used to do this. It would be two days after Easter and we'd be eating dinner when I'd shout, "There's a candy bar on top of the mantle."

"How 'bout that," my dad would answer. "You must have missed that before."

He'd do this for the next 5 days, hiding a Hershey's kiss in a plant, an egg behind a chair, and I'd think I was getting all this new candy, never realizing it was the stuff I'd already found, recycled.

We're having a rather non-traditional Easter meal. Blair was going to make a ham but couldn't find one under 4 lbs and I don't eat meat and he knew he'd never finish all that ham so he's making a small meatloaf instead. I'm having salmon. There will be potatoes and green beans though - some traditions are non-negotiable.

Happy Easter to everyone.