What You Don't Know About Me

I have a dirty little secret. It's called The Gilmore Girls.

That's right. You heard me. I like the Gilmore Girls. No, not just like, but LOVE. Lorilai, Rory, Suki, Luke, the whole Stars Hollow gang--I love them all. It's my happy show.

Other poor TV choices of mine include Survivor (all the people on every season annoy the hell out of me but I haven't missed a season yet), The Amazing Race (I have to stay up an extra hour past my bedtime after the show ends b/c I'm so emotionally drained after each episode), and--God help me--American Idol. There's no excuse for that last one. It's just sad.

I have comfort movies too. My all-time favorite movies are Terms of Endearment, Children of a Lesser God, Pride & Prejudice, and The Sound of Music. Not bad choices. However, when I'm sick with a stuffy head and it hurts to read or think, there is one movie I turn to to make me feel better....


Can't help it. Something about bad art makes me feel better. Plus, I want to be pretty like Phoebe Cates.

And quickly becoming a new favorite of mine is Napoleon Dynamite. We broke down and bought the DVD. Now whenever we're in a store and we pass some particularly tacky item I nudge my husband and whisper menancingly, "I want that." (See scene with clipper ship).

Improv class wrapped up last night. I was told I catch on quickly to what's supposed to be done, but I need to work more on the mechanics of each doing it. Seems I'm a little uptight. Imagine that.

I've got great info for an article comparing the art of Improv to the art of writing though. One more thing for the "must get done now list."

Meeting a friend for coffee this morning so off I go. Everyone have a great day.