Muy Frio

Our heat went out late yesterday afternoon and it's just like our first year in the house--we're broke and freezing our asses off.

When we moved, almost ten years ago, into our 1907 home with the 6 fireplaces (none of which are operational), we were enchanted with the high ceilings, crown molding, and hardwood floors. Being young first time home buyers, it didn't occur to us to check out those pesky little details like heat and plumbing.

The home had oil heat that came up from floorboard heaters in every room of the house. At least, that was where the heat was supposed to come from. Our first winter in the home we couldn't get the thermostat above 52 degrees. We carried room heaters with us from room to room, barricading ourselves in the living room with the doors shut and heater cranked, only the tops of our eyes emerging from blankets. It was a hard winter with more snowstorms than NC had seen in years. Normally a huge fan of snowdays, I remember being depressed one such day because it meant I couldn't go to work and be warm.

This time around we're in much better shape. We've since done over our attic space into an office, sitting area, bath, and guest bedroom and have a separate heating/ac unit upstairs. So last night when the repairman informed us the little wheel thingee isn't cranking anymore (he was more detailed, but that's all I remember) and that replacement parts won't be in until Monday, we grabbed our pj's, the cats, several good books and headed upstairs. Coming downstairs this morning into the icy cold was a bit of shock, but we cranked the oven and opened the door, set up the bathroom heater, ran long, hot showers, and we're good to go.

I do want to see a TV program tonight though, and the TV is downstairs. So I'll pull out the blankets, mittens, and extra space heaters so we can warm the room up enough to enjoy.

It will be romantic. Just like the good old days.