Heat's back. Checkbook is significantly lighter, but the heat's back.

Today is just an odd weather day inside our home. It's about 62 degrees outside. With the heat off downstairs, the temp was about 53. Upstairs, also with the heat off, the temp was 74. I had doors open downstairs, trying to warm the place up, and windows open upstairs, trying to cool it down. I draw the line at turning the heat on downstairs and the AC upstairs.

Apologies for the short entry today. I have to get some material in the mail before day's end and couldn't leave earlier because the heating guy was scheduled to show "sometime between 10 and three."

I think I'm going to start offering similar deadlines as a writer. "Yeah, I'll have your article for you sometime between June and mid-August. Depends how long a lunch break I decide to take."