Consecutive Letters Scene

A blast from the past. I was going through computer files and found this assignment from years ago from an online writers class. The assignment was to construct a scene where every sentence started with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. For today's post and you're enjoyment, I repost here today for your viewing pleasure...the alphabet scene.

Always on weekends, the market was full. Baboons, elephants, and exotic birds lined the dirt road, kicking up small clouds of dust as they played around the length of their chains. Chandra enjoyed coming to the marketplace. Daring the wrath of her father and brothers, she would sneak through the servant's quarters, down the back stairs, over the shiny wrought-iron fence, and on to freedom. Easy as pie, she thought to herself.

Frequently, she would entice Sharban to accompany her. Getting the young handmaiden to disobey rules was difficult, but not impossible. Hearing the music and bustle of the crowds only streets away from their quiet, non-changing interior, made most young females in the house long to slip away.

Inside the safety of the crowds, Chandra let her eyes and hands roam randomly over the bright baubles and fresh food available. Just last week she had for the first time tasted the sweet bitterness of an early strawberry, barely ripened on the vine. Knowing that sweets of any kind, even in the form of fruit, were forbidden to women in her position, made the taste all the sweeter.

"Lady, you like to buy an orange?" shouted a vendor across the way. Merriment danced in his eyes. Nao knew Chandra was not supposed to be out of the house and at the market.

"Oranges?" asked Chandra, sliding up to him. Picking up a large one, she tossed it in the air. "Quality oranges, I assume Nao, since you are selling them." Rakishly she grinned at him.

"Seeing as how you wouldn't know the difference,"  he reached over and plucked the orange out of her hand, "yes, I would say they are quality oranges.�" Turning Chandra to face him, Nao became serious.

"Uri is here," he said softly.

"Very funny," snapped Chandra, jerking away.

"Why would I lie about something like that?" asked Nao hurt showing on his face. "X-ray my brain for the truth, I saw him earlier today walking around the market."

"You're serious then?" asked Chandra, drawing a sharp breath in.

"Zebra!"barked Nao, shoving Chandra out of the way of the animal that had broken free from his chains.

""X-ray my brain" and "Zebra!" That's just too funny... Oh yes, it's scary the amount of talent I have. (!!!)