Award Ceremony

I won a third place award in a local writer's group for a humor essay I wrote called Terror In The Designer Racks. I went to the awards dinner last night, a big snooze. The only interesting part of the 3-hour evening was when they called my name and everyone applauded. And that part never lasts long enough.

Big advances happening on the cat book, "Lessons In Stalking...Adjusting to Life With Cats." I'm looking at an August release date. I have an illustrator, cover designer, and by the end of this week will have selected a printer. The stories are written, the illustrations will be completed next week, and I'm just waiting for some final blurb testimonials to come in.

I showed the illustrations for the book to my cats and told them they were going to be stars. They appeared unimpressed.

Going to spend the day writing an article about the Norwegian Elkhound which, just so you appear knowledgeable should the topic come up, is neither a hound nor does it hunt elk. "Elg" means "Moose" in Norway, and "Hund" means "Dog." So it's really a moose hunting dog.

I've got to get some new assignments.